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Our installation team consists of installation manager, site manager and installation workers. The regular installation staff consists of 4 employees, but in case of large scale projects we use 20-30 subcontractors. Installation staff has been trained to carry out the installation of equipment in compliance with exiting requirements and installation regulations.

Installation of equipment is carried out as shown in installation drawings approved by customer. During the installation, we constantly verify that it is done according to agreements and customer's requirements. We always adhere to the pre-agreed schedule.

The long time experience of our installation workers, dating back to 2003, enables us to provide our customers with the best installation quality.  Our installation team guarantees efficacy and prompt fulfillment of customers' special requests all over Estonia. In case of smaller-scale projects, the installation team delivers the equipment and installs it. Our installation buses are equipped with state-of-the art equipment that can be used under various circumstances. Upon finishing the project we provide our customer's with informative training how to use the equipment