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Latter started the manufacturing of cattle barn equipment in 2003. Five years later we moved into a larger manufacturing plant where we operate till today. We manufacture annually equipment for about 8000 - 10000 cows, i.e. for 30-40 barns.

Our production team consists of 5 employees: a foreman, welders and locksmiths. Manufacturing is based on the drawings approved by the customer and complies with applicable standards and requirements. Raw materials are purchased from reliable long-term partners, who provide certified materials and ensure security of supply.

We use state of the art equipment such as band-saws, drill presses, bending machines and punching machines. In 2014 we replaced our outdated pipe bending machine with fully automatic CNC controlled equipment. Computer controlled bench enables increased preciseness and quicker delivery. This device gives us the possibility to substantially increase our production if necessary.

Manufacturing process starts with design and manufacturing drawings. We design barns using up-to-date programs in order to create drawings, which include the equipment we offer. Manufacturing is based on 3D drawings, depicting products to be manufactured.

We are focused on manufacturing standard products to ensure consistent quality of our products, nevertheless being flexible we are engaged in production development in accordance with our customers' requirements. Our standard production includes the partitions of stalls, i.e. arcs, gates, fences, poles and the correspondent brackets. Furthermore, we manufacture on the daily basis scrapers and components of manure systems, such as masts, pipes, non-return valves, etc.

Installation-ready details are packed so, that unpacking is simple, logical and enables easy installation, which is extremely important in cases, when the customer installs the equipment himself.