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The new detached one storey warehouse was opened in 2013 providing us with 1000 m² (6000m3) of extra storage space. The new warehouse has separate storage space for raw materials, for prefabricated and ready-made products. There are specific console shelves for storage of pipes, bars and other metal profiles. One part of the building is a maintenance warehouse. Farm chemistry storage, which is in a separate room, is insulated, the other half of the building is designated for storage of spare parts, accessories and farm equipment.

The warehouse is open Mon-Fri from 8:00-17:00. It is handled by two persons: a storekeeper and a picker packer.

There are two electric lifters, trestle and space for maneuvering of trucks, which enable driving in and out of various types of trucks and sea containers.

For consignment we use various transportation companies (requesting a separate offer price for each order to provide the best possible solution for the customer). The customer can always pick up its goods by himself, providing that his order has been submitted to the warehouse by our sales team. The size of outgoing packages varies from envelope size to full truck size. We are ready to fulfill the orders quickly, provided that the product is present in the warehouse and the conditions set out for the customer are met.

The warehouse is surrounded by an asphalt covered square, which provides extra storage space.