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Chain scraper BP

 Chain scraper BP

  • New model for up to 250 m long barns now available

  • Low maintenance cost

  • Close to 2000 systems at use in Europe


Control panel

  • 3 control modes:
    • manual
    • continuous
    • automatic
  • Unlimited number of work cycles per day (24h)
  • Counter of working and maintenance time.
  • On display: current traction power and scrapers location in the barn.
  • Automatic adjustment of scraper position (will not obstruct resting animals).
  • Automatic determination of start and end positions.
  • Animal friendly and safe load protection.
  • Monitoring of the barn temperature and frost protection.

Actuator consist of:

  • Calibrated chain 13x36 mm. Maximum working load 6000 kg Chain breaking force 115 KN.
  • Scraper motor/reduction gear 0,75 kW, 400 v.
  • Coder (tachometer) enables precise adjustment and registration of the scraper in the barn.
  • Chain tensioner/jack enables to lift the engine higher in order to tighten the chain of the whole system. Optional automatic chain tensioner available.
  • Drive wheel. Available in two sizes, nr. 0A and 4A, in accordance with the chain stretch.

Operating elements

  • V-scraper (available for 2 - 4 m wide slurry alleys)
  • Wing scraper (available for 2 - 4 m wide slurry alleys)
  • Wing scraper with central hinge (permitted incline 1 - 2 %)
  • Comb scraper (available for 2 - 3,5 m wide slurry alleys)


Careful planning and correct equipment ensure better look,  operational reliability and durability of your manure system. Our experts help you to find the optimal solution and select equipment that is easy to maintain. We help to design manure equipment and provide the constructor with the necessary drawings.

Can be installed into the chain floor with U-profile or onto the floor without U-profile.

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