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Calf stall is easy to clean and disinfect.

It is built so, that the calf can easily lie down, rest, get to her feet and clean herself.

The width of the calf stall must be equal to the height of the calf from hoof to withers and length 1.1 times of the calves length measures from the top of her nose to the tail

Optional hay crib can be installed to the front gate.

Kit includes bucket holders and feeding buckets.

Is in compliance with the requirements of the provisions of Estonian Animal Protection Act.


  • Strong hot-dip galvanized metal structure
  • Stall sides are covered with 1300 mm height watertight plywood to avoid contact with other calves during formation of immune system
  • Opened stall front, so that the calves can see each other
  • Stall bottom is a grate of impregnated wood, which is easy to clean and not slippery
  • The stall has two metal bucket holders (included)
Air Max
height1,3 m
Dimensions0,9 x 1,2 m